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PLEASE SHARE: Traffic Being Rerouted After Fatal Crash In Western Upper Peninsula (Sagola)

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Traffic is currently being redirected after a fatal crash between an SUV and a gas-tanker truck on M-95 Monday by the M-69 intersection in Sagola. 

Image Credit: WLUC-TV 6

The Sagola Fire Department said the driver of the SUV died at the scene of the crash, as reported first by WLUC-TV 6.

With M-95 closed for now and the transfer of gas between one tanker truck to another traffic has been rerouted through M-69 to Crystal Falls. Businesses around the area have been closed and residents were evacuated from their homes for their safety. 

Authorities have stated the highway will be closed for a while. The Michigan State Police, the fire department and other agencies are still working at the scene at present time.  

We will update you when more information about the crash becomes available. 

UPDATE: M-95 has reopened for all traffic. Authorities are still looking into the cause of the accident and the driver’s name has not been released.

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