PLEASE SHARE: Three-Year-Old Wisconsin Girl Missing Since Sunday Evening

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A Facebook post by the Your True Crime Tribe has posted that a three-year-old girl from Winter, Wisconsin has been reported missing since 6:40 p.m. Sunday.

According to the Tribe, Abigail ‘Abby’ Ladwig went missing outside their home which consists of 40 acres of forest. Along with Abby missing, is their dog, a brown cocker spaniel.

It is reported that her mom was taking a nap at the time and her dad went inside for five minutes, coming to find out they were both gone when he came back out.

Abby was wearing a black shirt with sunflowers on it, with white underwear. She is also noted to be barefoot.

Search and rescue were reported to be searching in the forests all night. Volunteers, helicopters, and drones were also out searching for Abby.

Her mom said in the post’s update that Abby is very shy, shuts down fast, and won’t say any word when she is scared.

If anyone within the Winter area sees her or has information on her whereabouts, they are asked to dial 911.

NOTE: Winter is a village located in the middle section of the Northern Wisconsin region.

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