Please Do Not Win A Game For The Rest Of The Year @nyjets

I am sold get Trevor Lawerence to the Jets now please, April cannot come soon enough. I have been Sam Darnold biggest supporter and defender and I think Darnold is going to go on and have a very successful career but it is not going to be with the Jets. Trevor may not ‘safe’ the Jets but there is no denying he is a can’t miss prospect.

Also a big screw you to the people that are saying that Trevor would return back to school to avoid being drafted by the Jets. He was honored today at Clemson on senior day pretty much meaning he is as good as gone. Come home to New York Trev we love you already.

That would not make sense to even think he would risk going back to college and turn down thirty million dollars would be the dumbest business decision ever. Trevor is coming home to help turn the New York Jets around. Think about how attractive of the situation the Jets will have after this season is over; second most available cap space, new head coach (God willing), a young core of offensive player, a good offensive line, and did I mention cap space? The Jets can’t screw this up keep the tank alive mission is not complete yet!

I will be very sad to see Sam leave in the remaining six games of the season I hope he balls out and kills it I really do. Offensive line is healthy, all the wide receivers are finally healthy, so hopefully Sam can put everything together and just silence the noise. I really want him to go nuts in these last six games because this could be the last games he ever plays for the Jets and that makes me extremely sad.

We will see what happens in the coming moves and call me stupid or ignorant but the Jets have been making moves to turn this franchise around. Joe Douglas needs to get rid of Adam Gase and continue to build through the draft and sign high quality players come free agency. Tank for Trev still Jets you are doing well right now do not mess this up!

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