Picks of the Day: February 13th, 2020 (I’m in Pain)

Good afternoon fellow losers, I went 2-2 yesterday bringing me to a grand total of (3-5). I am down some units but no big deal, we aren’t sweating. I see this as a minor setback for a major comeback.

NBA: Celtics (-2) This is such a fucking lock, the Celtics are hotter than any team in the league outside of the Bucks. The Celtics will beat the Clippers by at least double digits, that’s guaranteed. Oklahoma City (+3 1/2) This game fucking sucks but I’m just feeling some Thunder magic against this New Orleans team. NCAA Basketball: North Texas (-8 1/2) Your fighting Mean Green have won every game at home this season by double digit margins and I don’t see anything changing in that, so I am riding with UNT. #MeanFuckinGreen Indiana (-2) This is their whole season, if they don’t win this they can kiss post season play out of the fucking window.

Here’s to bouncing back and new starts, just remember March Madness is right around the corner so get ready.


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