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“Philly was Hell. I hated it. Playing for Chip Kelly has to do with why I retired early, like a lot of other guys!” Former Eagles DB Speaks Out About The Day He Retired – @BappNAinEZBino

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Roc Carmichael played professional football from 2011 to 2015. He was a fourth round draft pick out of Virginia Tech. He played on multiple different NFL teams throughout his career but is known for his time in Houston (where he was drafted) and Philly! 

Roc recently appeared on The TrevStone Show which is a podcast hosted on Pro Sports Extra by Trevor ‘TrevStone’ Uren and NIKPSE

During the show Roc talked about his entire football career but one moment that sticks out is when he talked about Chip Kelly. Kelly was the coach in Philly for a small stint and ended up being the reason why Roc and many others retired. 

** Listen below** – We have to ready for you to listen:

“Philly was hell. I hated it. Playing for Chip Kelly that has to do with why I retired early like a lot of other guys. I talked to Brandon Boykins, Cary Williams, a lot of guys that were on the team for those two years. It was like going backwards. Going from a Pro all the way back to high school with what he demanded. 

Honestly, I literally told him he was weird. We got out of practice. I was sweating really bad, my pants had a lot of sweat… He’s like Roc, you need to get a haircut, you need to pull your pants up and he’s like ‘you’re not going to last long’… I looked at him and was like ‘this is your second year, what the hell you mean?’ 

Then I told him you’re 60 years old, you’re not married, you have no wife, no kids, no nothing, you need to f*cking do something instead of worrying about what we are doing all the time. Then he said “come to my office” and that was the day I retired.” 

Here is the FULL video podcast – (GO TO 23:30 TO WATCH)

Here is the audio only version:

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