Phillies Reduce Front Office By 20%

MLB has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, thus so has its employees. The latest round of cuts come from the front office in Philadelphia. Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Phillies have let go 80 people since Wednesday, which is 20% of their front office executives.

The release of numerous employees isn’t relatively new, as a few teams have laid off a variety of different people over the last few months. This one is a bit more unsettling because they were informed via email the day before Thanksgiving.

All of these layoffs were either a layoff or a buyout within the front office, on both the baseball and business side. They had already reduced a vast majority of the salary, including John Middleton (principal owner) forgoing his season’s salary. Despite this, the cuts were still necessary from a business standpoint. The Phillies still do not have a GM or a president of baseball operations heading into 2021.

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