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Philadelphia Eagles underwhelm with its latest addition

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The NFL networks Brian Baldinger tweeted out that he was hearing whispers that there would be some big news coming out of Philadelphia.

Immediately NFL experts and conspiracy theorists were trying to predict whether the Eagles were on the verge of landing free agent Pass Rusher Jadeveon Clowney or were finalizing a trade for New York Jets All-Pro safety Jamal Adams.

The news broke as Baldinger alluded to but the only thing big about the news was the mammoth size of a man the team just signed. Offensive Tackle Jason Peters re-signs with the team and will fill the hole left by injured starter Brandon Brooks.

I understand that the time right before training camp can be a little void of actual breaking news as teams and players are trying to relax before the grind starts but playing on fan emotions for traffic is wrong.

The same type of thing happened when Fox Sports insider Jay Glazer tweeted that he had big news then let everyone know that Los Angeles Rams Center tested positive for coronavirus. Serious news of course but not to the point where radio stations across the nation are leading with the mystery of the story.

Note to insiders, “I will be breaking some news” and “I have big breaking news” are two totally separate phrases that come with all of the consequences associated with this day and age of instant media.

The flak and ridicule he is receiving on social media are not justified but it is earned by not using his words carefully. Creating hysteria and mystique needs to be worth the anticipation of the story. Unfortunately, most real breaking news comes without any fanfare.

I mean, how many of us saw that Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes was on the verge of signing a deal that could pay out over half a billion dollars? Left field news needs to stay left field or it takes the air out of the balloon.

There is no doubt that Jason Peters will help the Eagles fill a glaring need after the injury to Brooks. It is hard to replace Pro Bowl lineman at this time of the year without breaking the bank but the news should have been released without anticipation.

Instead of talking about how Jason Peters could actually help the Eagles, we are talking about how deflating the news was for the Eagles when it broke.

Now, the biggest question will be whether or not Peters has anything left in the tank. If he does, can he successfully transition to guard after playing the majority of his career at Tackle? Only time will tell.

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