Philadelphia 76ers think Ben Simmons is faking injuries and mental health issues

The relationship between the Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons has turned into a full-blown soap opera.

This past week, 76ers head coach Doc Rivers threw Simmons out of practice for refusing to do defensive drills. This lead to Simmons being suspended for the 76ers opener against the Brooklyn Nets.

While Simmons was refusing to take part in drills, Simmons was also seen having his cell phone on him in the pocket of his sweatpants during practice.

Currently, Simmons will not only play in the opener against the Nets, but is not expected to play anytime soon.

However, there seems to be a belief in the 76ers organization that Simmons is completely full of it and faking everything, from his back injury to mental health issues.

Now normally, mental health issues are never a joke, and if Simmons is actually dealing with them, we wish him well in his process to recovering,

With that said, the relationship between the 76ers and Ben Simmons has to end. They are at the point of no return now.

For months, the 76ers have tried to trade Simmons and have failed because they have asked teams for way too much. They tried before the NBA Draft with the Golden State Warriors and failed.

The 76ers also tried to trade Simmons to the Portland Trail Blazers, and again, had their proposal declined.

The 76ers need to stop asking for several first round picks for a player who not only has shooting issues, and the ability to finish games in crucial situations, but now has become a massive problem attitude wise.

Now, this isn’t the first time a player has been this kind of problem on a team. Dennis Rodman was one. Latrell Sprewell choked a coach. Ron Artest fought fans.

The 76ers can easily trade Simmons. It’s a matter of swallowing the pride and taking less for a problem child, which is what Simmons has become.

Take away the first round picks and just trade players. Simmons would be gone so quickly if the 76ers just realized that.

The longer the 76ers continue to be this stubborn over getting draft picks back for Simmons, the longer this situation will drag out. And it won’t get any easier for the 76ers as a franchise.

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