Petr Yan trolls Aljamain Sterling at UFC 267 open workouts (VIDEO)

Petr Yan had his UFC 267 open workout today, and he ended it off with a troll of his rival Aljamain Sterling. Check out the video.

Disclaimer: this is a pro-Aljamain sterling article. I love him, AND he retweeted me this weekend. So basically, screw you Petr Yan. YOU ARE A LOWLIFE SCUMBAG FOR THIS! Imagine having the AUDACITY to not know the most basic rules of MMA, and then mock your opponent after YOU break the rules. This guy is a dirtbag.

Aljamain Sterling could have undergone serious, serious brain damage because of a completely agregious, malicious, intentional illegal knee thrown by Yan. And Petr thinks this is a joke? Unbelievable.

He is LUCKY that the UFC didn’t let Aljamain Sterling fight him this weekend, or else Aljo would have choked him unconscious for such despicable behavior. Children are watching this, Petr. Be a role model.

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