PER: Alex Bregman: Justin Verlander and The Houston Astros Have Agreed To Terms

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Even in the MLB lockout the Bronx bombers are taking it off the chin.

Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman tweeted today that the deal between the club and Justin Verlander has been secured. You know what gets me going??? Just that. It is once again JV day and let the heavens open and rejoice as we got our ace back.

While Verlander is an aging arm I still love him being in the clubhouse. He is a key piece to the city and franchise and I cannot express how happy I am currently.

As always it’s fuck the Yankees. Those rich bastards deserve an eternity of mediocrity.

Also if you aren’t ABSOLUTELY thrilled to see Kate Upton at Minute Maid again you’re a fucking moron. Love JV, but love his wife even more.

I’m ready for this lockout to be over and to see more Yankee tears when the don’t end up with Carlos Correa and they try to plug and play into their stupid fucking trade machine.

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