People Are Overreacting About Adam Schefter and His Emails

What is life coming to? You know something is going on when Adam Schefter is trending in the news for something that people are considering ‘wrong’ and I’m not fully understanding the hate, at all all.

Schefter exchanged some emails with former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen years ago and here we are 10 years later talking about it. According to the Los Angeles Times, the email was part of a batch filed as exhibits in federal court in mid-June by attorneys for Washington owner Daniel Snyder. That’s the same batch which contained homophobic and racist emails from Jon Gruden, who resigned Monday as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.

As for Schefter, here’s what landed him in hot water:

Several emails between Allen and journalists are part of the filing too. In one of them from July 2011, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter sent Allen the draft of an unpublished story that was published later the same day.

“Please let me know if you see anything that should be added, changed, tweaked,” Schefter wrote. “Thanks, Mr. Editor, for that and the trust. Plan to file this to espn about 6 am …”

This is crazy! Who cares? Is it because he made it seem like he’s an Editor? Oh cry me a river. You’re telling me that you don’t think other journalists use there sources as much as they can? I mean let’s be real. When you’re a journalist and you’re trying to figure out everything of a story that a coach or someone within the organization is helping you on the story you’re going to want to get it right and you’re going to want to make sure that the person helping you will continue to help you. That’s why you ask them first if everything is okay. Because you don’t want your source to turn on you.

So what is the big deal?

Isn’t it known by now that Schefter basically ‘works’ for every single team? Because he has connections with every team and when someone wants a story out there, you go to Schefter? He’s basically like a public relations guy, he has relationships with every team. And to be upset that he asked someone if anything should be added, changed, or tweaked… who cares?

I’m honestly still lost at why people would be upset about this. I’m sure that if you continue to dig into every single coach/owners email you’d find somethings that are much worse than you’ve found here.

ESPN released the following statement: “Without sharing all the specifics of the reporter’s process for a story from 10 years ago during the NFL lockout, we believe that nothing is more important to Adam and ESPN than providing fans the most accurate, fair and complete story.” This is the first time that I’m going to agree with an ESPN statement, good thing that they had his back.

I also don’t normally agree with Darren Rovell:

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