People Are Helping This Chick Who Is “Stuck In Atlanta During All Star Weekend” Get Home And It’s Hilarious

I swear there is a GoFundMe for everything.

Yazz Theestallion created a GoFundMe which is under ‘accidents & emergencies’ because she claims she went to Atlanta for All Star weekend with $400 only booked a one way because she was waiting on her unemployment. But they didn’t pay her and she “needs help surviving and making it back home to New York.”

I understand some people are in different situations but c’mon now!

She’s actually going viral on Facebook as her GoFundMe has been shared by 60,000 people in 1 hour!

Stuck in Atlanta with no money , my UE baited 💔

Posted by Yazz TheeStallion on Sunday, March 7, 2021

All these people laughing and I’m stuck in a whole different state 💔 y’all think everything tf funny 💔

Posted by Yazz TheeStallion on Sunday, March 7, 2021

Someone donated $100 and commented “Broke bitch” and I can’t s top laughing.

You can click here to donate if you’d like!

The thing is also… The people who are donating to help her will help her, but it’ll take a couple of days for her to get her payments. GoFundMe doesn’t imminently give the money out. We will have to see how much she’ll get because in 1 hour she has $259. That’s plenty for a flight. You can travel all over for $259 in a pandemic, just fly Spirit.

This reminds me of when NateDogg and I went to Las Vegas and he didn’t have a flight book backed. He started freaking out calling around – damn, maybe he should have started a GoFundMe then too.

Welcome to 2021.

UPDATE: This was entirely fake. She wasn’t in Atlanta. She was doing this all to get money from people. She was trying to scam people. But if you’re dumb enough to donate to her then…. I don’t know what to say.

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