People Are Connecting Tom Hanks To Killing Isaac Kappy After Kappy Called Him Out For Being A Pedophile – Hanks Checked Out Route 66 Where Kappy Was Found Dead and Posted A Very Strange Picture Of Gloves, Roadkill?

Listen, I’m not one for conspiracy theories but somethings just add up correctly and it’s hard not to be.

Isaac Kappy, former actor, came out before his ‘suicide’ and talked about pedophiles who are in Hollywood and included the famous, Tom Hanks.

In 2018, Kappy, called out Hanks and media outlets started running the story right away.

Less than a year after calling out Hanks and other celebrities, things started to get a little weird.

Hanks posted an image of Route 66 on social media, hinting that there might have been illegal activity there:

Less than a month after posting this, Kappy, posted a video that was very depressing and showing his dark side. Something that he believed was taking over his life.

Just days after posting the sad video, Kappy, reportedly forced himself off of the Transwestern Road bridge, he was then struck by a passing car.

The day that Kappy died, Hanks posted this to social media:

Now that takes us back to what might have really happened.

Social media is trying to piece everything together – they believe that Tom Hanks killed Isaac Kappy.

Fast forward to a year later and what does Tom Hanks do? He packs his bags and moves to another Country?

If I go missing, you know why. Here is everything broken down:

I repeat. If something happens to me. You know why.

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