Penn State and Jerry Sandusky are back in the News.

After a great 2020 season, topping it off with a win in the Cotton Bowl, Penn State is getting back to their old ways. A federal lawsuit was filed by former player Isaiah Humphries. In the lawsuit, Humphries claims there was overly sexual hazing techniques even an “I’m going to Sandusky you” was allegedly used against Humphries.

The defendants named in the lawsuit are Coach Franklin, ex teammates Damien Barber, Micah Parsons, Yetur Gross-Matos, and Jesse Luketa. The teammates being the ones carrying out the threats including death and Sanduskying. Humphries apparently let the coaches including Franklin know about the hazing and forced Isaiah out of the program for complaining. Humphries also cited that teammates would wrestle others to the ground and shove their cocks and balls and assholes in their faces. Humphries also claims the coaches would single him out and make him do drills they know he would fail. In a shocking twist of little bitches bitching, Humphries is represented by Steven Marino the same douche bag who represented former team doctor Scott Lynch in a lawsuit vs. Penn State and Franklin last year for making player return to the field before they were ready.

Alright sorry for all the facts in the above two paragraphs and thanks for reading through that bullshit. Now here is my take, the lawsuit by Lynch vs Franklin was thrown out when players including star QB Trace McSorely coming to Franklin’s aid. Now for my take on the “I’m going to Sandusky you”. Does it look good in the media? No it’s a bad look for those words to be used. Did I laugh when I saw that? Yes I most certainly did because it’s funny inside the locker room with your boys. Hazing is a part of sports. It should never be taken to an aggressive level. When I played D3 did I get jocks in my face and sat on and forced to do disgusting shit? Yeah and it all in fun. Humphries is a weak minded person if he can’t take some good old fashion locker room ribbing. It happens everywhere to everyone. It’s a code that’s suppose to be kept in the locker room, don’t take the hazing too far, which I don’t believe they did in this case based on all the witnesses and you also keep your mouth shut what happens. So yeah again the Sandusky comment was funny to me and I should have never known about it. Humphries transferred to a lesser program in Cal, they def don’t haze there because they aren’t a good program. This suit will be dropped and kids should learn from this. You’re not special just because you’re a 4 star freshman coming in, you’ll get hazed too. Grow a spine, take your right of passage, it’s just words, they weren’t going to rape you in the shower. Grow up and be a man it’s locker room talk, leave it in the locker room.

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