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Pendorã Harrington Guillermo Shares Story Of Racist Cashier At Hobby Lobby in North Carolina Mad About Her Wearing A George Floyd Shirt

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Hobby Lobby to open new Branson location next year

Well well well here we are again with another blog calling out racists. I’m on the boat as most of us and think that all racists need to be fired to the moon and never see the light of day. But I’m also all for putting them on blast to be publicly cancelled for the rest of their lives. You wanna talk shit and put yourselves above others? Here you go and get cancelled! You and your family will suffer because of your archaic beliefs.

So I go to Hobby Lobby with my George Floyd T-shirt and I can’t breathe mask & after I check out the cashier “Mattie”…

Posted by Pendorã Harrington Guillermo on Monday, June 15, 2020

I mean come on man. How do you go and be racist in front of Pendorā’s kids. For fucks sake do you have any shame? On top of that, the manager is said to have “rushed [Pendorā] off the phone.” This branch of Hobby Lobby better gear up because it’s about to get ugly for them. Hope it was worth it Mattie!

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Hobby Lobby branch work to save their store’s reputation

Good on that lady to go and check in on Zehri, who I presume is Pendorā’s daughter, because no child should ever witness their parent being discriminated against. It just boggles my mind that there are people out there with such guts to do this in front of a family. She is very clearly passionate about the murder of George Floyd and is actively spreading awareness of the social injustice and this sad, pathetic cashier still decides to ACTIVELY discriminate her.

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