Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Charged With Solicitation of Prostitution at Asia Day Spa

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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft hasn’t stopped partying since his Super Bowl win and today he was charged with with solicitation of prostitution, according to the police in Jupiter, Florida.

Kraft was one of 25 people to be charged by as part of a months-long investigation, the police said. So with that being said, it wasn’t even his fault? Why are the ladies working at your spa out blowing dudes? That’s the real question…. Other than that, let’s be real. Roger Goodell is behind this entire thing.

The millionaire football owner allegedly paid for services at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa and faces two counts of soliciting prostitution, according to reports. Which if you want to call paying $50 and getting a rub off at an Asian Spa soliciting prostitution…. I would say that 99% of men who go to an Asian Spa pay for that, not me though, I just rub one out myself.

Some of the acts were caught on surveillance video according to police. The spa was shut down along with several others in the State following an investigation that found women in “sexual servitude,” according to the paper.

The Florida Department of Health conducted an inspection and told police “it appeared as though the female employees were living there as there were two rooms with beds, including sheets and pillows.”

Kraft has visited the spa twice last month. And if it was anywhere near where I live, I would have visited 10 times at least. How can you blame Kraft? If the employees said $50 and I’ll rub you off, wouldn’t you?

Want the entire list of people who were charged?

What does Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports and lifelong New England Patriots fan have to say?

When was the last time Kraft was on video? Yesterday in the middle of a Barstool Sports pizza review. Was Kraft getting it on during the video? Lol.

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