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Patrick Mahomes Fiancée Brittany Matthews Shows Off Butt While Working Out; Kansas City Chiefs Should Be Upset?

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Patrick Mahomes Fiancée Brittany Matthews sure loves to work out. And during the NFL off-season, it seems like she might step it up a notch. Or maybe it’s because she was recently pregnant, and now she’s trying to get back to the body she had before. And let me tell you, she’s back.

Posting her almost daily workouts, she’s very inspirational. And also, she’s one of the best looking girlfriend/wife’s out of every NFL player.

I mean honestly you can click here, and watch her box.

Other than that….. i’ve got some videos that you will really want to check out, and most recently she worked out and let me tell you, you will enjoy the view.

Here is some other videos or images you’ll enjoy:

Should the Kansas City Chiefs be upset about this? No. Not at all. She has nothing to do with a cheese organization besides being the person who Patrick Mahomes goes home to every night. And also the woman who screams 24/7 during games. That’s what she’s best at. And, working out.

But for today’s sake no Kansas City should not be upset about Brittany Matthews constantly showing off her looks.

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