Patrick Mahomes Fiancée Brittany Matthews Boxing? I’d Love To See Matthew Staffords Wife Kelly Fight Her

Patrick Mahomes fiancée Britney Matthews isn’t too shy to be in the spotlight. She’s constantly posting images and videos of her working out, on the beach, and whenever she does we normally blog about it.

Yesterday she posted a video of her working out, not only that… but she was boxing!

Now the real question is will we see Matthews in a ring? We’re celebrity boxing becoming more and more thing could it be possible that we see the Super Bowl champions fiancée fight? Could you imagine how much money she could make? How many pay per view sales there would be. Matthews is a dime!

Who would she fight? Well. I’ve got someone in mind. Someone who has been through it all, someone who has battled more things than majority of humans could imagine.

Kelly Stafford.

The wife of Los Angeles Rams quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Kelly trains hard for boxing and if the two of them stepped in the ring, imagine how many people would tune in. And to be honest Kelly Stafford is beautiful.

Two beautiful ladies fighting? Count me in!

If the two of them actually got into a ring together, Kelly Stafford would actually dominate. But I would pay a TON to see it happen.


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