Pat McAfee Laughing At Aaron Rodgers When Rodgers Said He is Taking Joe Rogan’s Advice is So Funny @PatMcAfeeShow

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Aaron Rodgers has been under the microscope of latel and things aren’t going well for him. The NFL’s self proclaimed ‘bad boy’ is lashing out against the NFL Covid policy and everyone to this point should know what is happening at the moment.

Rodgers will not play Sunday as a result of testing positive for COVID-19 and is under fire because he said he had the vaccine than he said he is immune to the virus, then he said he is allergic to the vaccine and that is why he cannot get it.

It has been one big head and an odd situation because Rodgers seems to be standing alone in this fight that is over nothing. Aaron Rodgers is a frequent guest of the Pat McAfee show and was on today to give and update on the situation, and how he is dealing with everything that is happening.

Rodgers was very candid about the situation and said how cancel control is controlling the situation and how he does not understand the vaccine and that is why he has not received it. He later went on to say that he is taking podcaster, and comedian Joe Rogans advice on how to fight the virus and go back to full health quickly.

Rogan had COVID a few months back and was under heavy criticism because CNN posted an article saying he took horse dewormer to fight the virus and that was proven untrue. When Rodgers told McAfee that Rogan is helping him fight off COVID 19 his reaction is priceless.

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