Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee Kicked Out Of NBA Virtual Arena After Taking Shirt Off #WheresPat #HeGotKickedOutOfAVirtualArena @FDSportsbook @PatMcAfeeShow

Nothing like the good ol’ let’s take our shirt off in the crowd. Normally when men do it, nothing happens. You’re told to put your shirt back on if need be.

But when Julia Rose flashed her body during the World Series last season all hell broke loose. And it seems as if the world has been more worried about flashing. Even male flashing.

Pat McAfee, legend, who I watched daily was just kicked out of a virtual arena after taking his shirt off.

Yes. Literally.

How soft!

Pat was on the stream giving away money with FanDuel and they got so mad when he took his shirt that they kicked him out. Hilarious.

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