Pat McAfee Is SmackDahn!

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Pat McAfee has done just about everything in his post NFL life. From golf to being in the WWE ring, Pat has been living his best life. He’s also the host of my favorite sports show “The Pat McAfee Show” which has been extremely successful. Pat is a long time wrestling fan, he had been doing business with WWE for some time, with PPV pre-show gigs, guest commentary, then eventually competing in the squared circle. Earlier this year Pat became a full time commentator on SmackDown along side legendary commentator Michael Cole. Cole has spoken so highly of Pat saying he revitalized his career. In such short time McAfee got over fast, it’s been a John Cena-like meteoric rise. So I ask, is Pat McAfee already the greatest commentator of all time?

Pat’s wit, charisma, and comedic timing make him what he is. A naturally entertaining man brings nothing but fun to the business. He went viral after saying he couldn’t see John Cena when he returned last month. He just has the gift of gab. So much so that before each show they gave him “The McAfee Minute” where he cuts a promo for the crowd before the show starts. Pat is hip to pop culture and the sports world so his references are always on point. I believe that as time goes on he will only get better and cement himself on the WWE commentator Mt.Rushmore.

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