Pat McAfee + Heartland Radio Crew to Host Daily Live Show with Westwood One & DAZN

Pat McAfee announced this morning via Twitter that his electric crew and himself will be returning to live radio this fall. To go with the radio program, a live simulcast will be airing on DAZN.

The show will air 10-12 noon eastern.

This is a huge announcement for the king of the internet, McAfee and amazing news for his fans, who’ve been begging for a live radio return since his departure from Barstool Sports and Sirius.

Pat announced shortly after that all podcasts that PMI puts out will still air at their normal schedule and will remain independent from all companies he is associated with.

Pat now has contracts with WWE, ESPN, Westwood One and DAZN, making him one of the busiest media personalities in history.

I, for one, am ecstatic about this announcement and can’t wait to follow along with Pat as he announces WWE events, NCAA college football, records his podcasts and now his live show.

This fall is going to take a super human effort for McAfee, and there’s not a doubt in mind he’ll deliver for his loyal fans.

Congrats cuzzie!

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