Panic on the Plane: Air Marshal Kicks TV Star Stephen Amell Off Flight-Or Did He?

Was former Arrow star Stephen Amell drunk when he allegedly got into an altercation with his wife onboard a plane? While we don’t know whether Amell (who currently stars in the upcoming series Heels ) was drunk off his ass, a bit tipsy, or stone cold sober, FOX News and other media outlets are reporting he was removed from the flight. As we’ll see, Amell is disputing the story:

“Arrow” star Stephen Amell was forcibly removed from his flight after allegedly getting into an altercation with his wife, Page Six is told.

Amell, who was flying Delta from Austin to Los Angeles after attending the ATX Television Festival over the weekend, was removed after a flight attendant asked him multiple times to calm down as he allegedly screamed at Cassandra Jean Amell while appearing drunk.

According to the FOX News article, Amell was shown the door by an air marshal and three flight attendants. One can’t help but wonder how things might have played out if Amell had his bow and arrows from his days playing vigilante Oliver Queen on Arrow.

However, Amell is disputing the story as presented. Amell tweeted:

The website Page Six noted:

A spokesperson for the airline confirmed an incident occurred, telling Page Six in a statement, “Delta flight 966 on June 21 took a brief, eight minute departure delay after an unruly customer was deplaned from the aircraft prior to departure in Austin. The flight arrived ahead of schedule at Los Angeles International Airport.”

Who do you believe? Let us know in the comments below.


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