Paige VanZant Is Breaking The Internet With Her Sexy Pics After UFC Didn’t Pay Her Enough | Sexy Pics Here

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Former UFC strawweight contender and resident hottie Paige Vanzant left the UFC in 2018 after losing her last fight under contract. 

Highlights From VanZant’s Last UFC Fight

This left her to test the waters and see if any other promotions were willing to pay her more than the UFC. The UFC has come under fire as of late because fighters are complaining of less than fare pay days. Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou are two of the most recent fighters to shit on UFC president Dana White for not paying fighters what they are worth. 

VanZant scored a lucrative deal with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) and went on to start her own version of OnlyFans. VanZant has since commented about her UFC contract and making more money elsewhere. 

“I’ve added up all the money I’ve made in the UFC over six years, and I could have just had a regular job with the same pay,” VanZant told MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin.

She told MMA Fighting that leaving the UFC was nerve wracking at such a young age, but she doesn’t regret the decision and she ended up being compensated way more money than if she stayed with the UFC. VanZant went on to fight two BKFC fights and has one scheduled for July 23rd against Rachael Ostovich.

Not only has leaving the UFC been lucrative for VanZant, but her OnlyFans-esque site is breaking the internet. 

Link to her website:


Peep her hot pics below:

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