Over Analyzing Weigh-Ins: Usman vs Masvidal 2

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Alright, lets do it. Today was the Usman vs Masvidal weigh in, so lets take a look and overreact to the staredown. Disclaimer: I’m a firm believer that the staredown doesn’t mean anything, but why should that stop an overreaction?

Right off the bat you notice that Usman has the obvious physical advantage, but he’s got that in every fight. His biceps moisten every vagina in the room, and I’m pretty sure you could balance a skyscraper on his traps. Masvidal, while not unimpressive looking, was just no match to the greek-god physique of Kamaru.

No if we’re talking the pose itself, I think you gotta give the advantage to Jorge here? What’s more alpha than the hands behind the back trick? It sends the subtle message of, you’re in no danger, but you’re in a lot of danger. You combine that with the mean mug, and slight trash talking, and I think Jorge takes the crown. The way he trash talks is so elequant, isn’t it? Not screaming in you’re faced, yet not forced, just a notch over a mumble. That’ll clench the rectum of any opponent. AND, Kamaru did a half-smile thing that just comes off a little creepy. So, yeah, I’d say Masvidal won the weigh-in, but this historically has no implication on the fight so who knows.

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