Over 300,000+ People Are Watching Logan Paul Open Up $200,000 Mystery Pokémon Cards Unboxing Live

Currently there is over 200,000 people watching Logan Paul open up Pokémon Cards on YouTube!

I don’t know anything about pokeymon cards. But I do know that $200,000 is a lot of money and in Pokeymon cards can equal millions of dollars.

Here is the livestream:

Logan Paul was given $50,000 for a sponsorship on the video and is donating the money to National Mental Health – which all proceeds that are donated go to! You can donate on his live stream.

First up…

YouTuber had Unlisted Leaf ended up having the first pack. He ended up winning:

Another name I recognized was Graham Stephan who also purchased a pack to open. He ended up getting a Gyarados which is roughly a $9,000 card. Congrats!

He earned his money back and than some for sure.


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