OU Wide Receiver Spencer Jones Gets In Bar Fight With Short Dude, Loses, While Rolling In Piss (Video)

Well, here’s some news around the college football world.

Earlier this month, Oklahoma University (OU) Sooners wide receiver Spencer Jones was involved in a bar fight with a short, curly-haired man off campus.

You can see in the Facebook video by Lydell Rhodes, Jones (tall guy in gray jacket) was instigating and talking smack with someone in the bar’s bathroom and was taken down by the short man, rolled around in many types of watery fluids on the floor.

Along with the fight with Jones, two other men were also involved in the altercation.

Jones would eventually be taken to the hospital, where he’s currently recovering from surgery involving his left eye. His doctor stated that Jones ‘was lucky that he didn’t lose the eye altogether.’

As of this Sunday, the fights are currently still under police investigation.


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