Orioles-Yankees Game Was Delayed Due to a Cat Running on Field (Video)

We have another feline delay during a New York sports game.

This time, during Monday night’s game between division rivals in the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees, the furry feline caused a delay in the eighth inning, in which the Orioles were leading 6-1.

You can see in the few videos below that the grounds crew was trying their best to get the cat off the field and from the bullpen walls, but they managed to get it off in time to finish.

Let’s just say it was entertaining, but not as entertaining as what happened on Monday Night Football a couple years ago, where another cat was running out on to the field. That led to an amazing viral radio call by Kevin Harlan when he ‘scored’ a touchdown at MetLife Stadium.

Sometimes in a blowout, we need some good entertainment. What happened in Yankee Stadium tonight, the cat brought that, and we’re all for it.


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