OpTic in Winners Bracket?!

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OpTic Chicago won their match today on Call of Duty against LA Thieves 3-1

OpTic has set themselves up for glory going into the first LAN event in over a year where they will take on defending champions Dallas Empire. Who have been struggling a decent bit as of late especially after dropping Huke.

Today’s match against LA Thieves went extremely well where all 4 players had an overall K/D above a 1.2. Scump having a 1.56 to take the highest K/D on the team. With the lowest K/D coming from FormaL who had a 1.29.

Overall, today’s performance was the best we have seen from this OpTic team in a very long time where they outslayed LA Thieves by 85 kills and were smothering LA every map.

Hopefully this is a great sign for the upcoming LAN event where hopefully OpTic can win their first event of the year.

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