Pro Sports Extra is looking to add passionate, driven, motivated team players who want to contribute and help build the PSE brand.

We’re looking to add some contributors to our team. Pro Sports Extra makes an effort to try and cover the best and latest in many avenues. Now it’s time to add more people looking to get their start in the digital media world. We’re planning on growing and we want to bring you with us.

We want to present everyone with an opportunity that many other places wouldn’t give to the average person looking to make a name for themselves. When it comes to PSE, it’s simple. We want to bring on people who want to consistently work hard, bring new ideas and work towards the end goal of helping the site grow as a whole.

The only thing we ask is you work closely with your section leader and work together to produce new ideas for content. Also, if there’s something here you see a friend might be interested in, by all means, share the link and help them out.

We’re always looking to expand our team.

Below are some of the positions we’re looking to fill. If you feel like you’d work well with one of these sections, please contact the person associated with that team.

PSE Blogging Team

Pro Sports Extra is looking to expand our team. We already have a great staff of writers and creators on board but we can always use more. Whatever your passion is, sports, girls, college parties, Fantasy Sports, Kicks, WWE, MMA or just about anything else we would love to bring you in!

You must be knowledgeable in your spot of interest while also having a strong writing base. Our editors are willing to work with writers to help their craft but only if you are willing to contribute and produce on the same level as everyone else.


PSE Social Media

If you have the itch to tweet about the happenings around the world we have a platform to do it! Look no further. We’re looking to add funny, smart and creative people who keep up to date with the latest trends. Of course, you must be knowledgeable on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

If this description fits you, what’re you waiting for?


PSE Graphics Team

If you have a creative itch and want to help make graphics for both the site and social media then joining Pro Sports Extra as a graphic designer is the right move for you.

We want to share great custom images for the world to see and enjoy while everyone is still talking about a specific topic.

Can you use Photoshop and make people laugh on the internet? Do you know how to effectively increase social media engagement and create viral content?

If so, email us below.


PSE Video Team

Video is the new wave in media, there’s no secret about that. Creative content makers are always in demand.

From quick video edits for social media to editing a video the demand for video editors is at an all-time high.


PSE Podcasts Team


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