OOOOH Fight Week Is Heating Up, Paul’s Camp Chirped Woodley’s Mom And The Press Conference BROKE LOSE

I am so excited for this Sunday, today we had the final press conference for Paul Vs Woodley and things got heated.

Now I can understand not wanting your moms name to be brought up and depending on what was said maybe it’s like “okay that’s too far” but I doubt they were threatening her or calling her disrespectful names that’s childish. At the same time though this is what comes with the fight game, especially when you’re fighting Jake Paul he’s the Problem Child for a reason he’s gonna stir shit up. Yeah sure maybe someone in his camp chirped Tyrons mom and she has right to get mad and Tyron does too but she can’t be getting in dudes faces like that. I’m not saying anyone would have hit her but being in dudes faces like that as a female in the environment they were in she could have dangered herself.

Now it proves Momma Woodley don’t take no shit and I can respect it but at the end of the day there’s gonna be things that might be said that are too far or speaking into boundaries that get into the other persons head, that’s just the fight game. As long as nobody called his mother any kind of slur of such or threatened her I see it all as fair game. It’s getting into Tyrons head and that could be all a benefit for Paul, what we do know this fight is gonna be fucking good. Woodley is gonna want to take off Jakes head and Jake wants to prove himself and take off woodleys head. August 29th you can not miss this.


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