Only Hours Left To Get Your NEW LIMITED TIME Mr. Beast Mystery Tees

There is no doubt in my mind that the YouTuber, Mr.Beast has the hottest merch in the game and on top of that he recently announced a NEW limited time mystery t-shirt.

Let me reword that, multiple mystery t-shirts.

According to the ShopMrBeast website if you order three different ones its a possibility that you get a duplicate design. So go buy all three because there is only a couple hours left to buy yours! And on top of that it’s less than $20, they’re only $18.

Well what’s it look like?

It’s a mystery. CLICK HERE.

Be sure to go buy a shirt! If you bought one after reading this blog, thank you very much… I make $0 on it, just gotta show love to the one and only Mr.Beast and his merch.

One day he’ll drop a $50K bomb in my Venmo or PayPal. Or even a $5. Wanna drop me a $5? It’ll buy me a nice Easter basket.. Oh wait, my 21st birthday is on April 24th soooo… You’ll help me celebrate. If you don’t drop me a penny that’s cool too, thanks for reading.


Venmo: @TrevStonePSE

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