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One Bite Frozen Pizza To Be In All Walmart’s Within Next Year

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Dave Portnoy the founder of Barstool Sports and the creator of the famous One Bite Pizza reviews has announced some very big information during a recent podcast.

He announced that Barstool Sports is going to officially be launching the One Bite frozen pizza and they’ll be for sale in all Walmart’s. “It’s going to be in Walmart, all Walmart’s, in probably 6 months or so.”

Honestly, I can’t imagine how many pizza’s he’s going to sell. It’s going to be unbelievable. I’m sure it’ll be hard to get at first as it’ll be flying off the shelves. Everyone who has been on the Internet has watched a Pizza Review of Portnoy’s.

According to Portnoy he tested out a bunch of different pizzas to come to this conclusion. If it has the One Bite name on it, the pizza better be good. Imagine if Portnoy the KING of pizza launches a pizza and it sucks? Wouldn’t be a good look. He reviewed frozen pizzas during the start of quarantine and I hope that he took in consideration everything he said about all of those pizzas and creates something different.

I don’t want to bite into a piece of cardboard like a Jacks. I don’t want to bite into a THICK THICK crust either. I hope the spice has a little spice to it. I can’t wait to try it.

In news for Penn National Gaming and Barstool Sports, I’m sure that majority of the properties will start to serve them. Well I’d hope so anyway! It would be such a smart move to go over to get Pizza in a Penn National Hotel and see a One Bite section. BOOM!

You can click here to watch the podcast where he talks about it – go to 50:00 in!

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