ON THIS DAY IN SPORTS: Len Bias Overdoses On Cocaine #RIP

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Some of you may be asking, “Who is Len Bias?” Well, Bias was the 2nd overall pick by the Boston Celtics in the 1986 draft. Bias wa highly touted as a once in a generation athlete and some even compared him to Michael Jordan in their collegiate days.

The rivalry that wasn't: Boston's Len Bias vs. Michael Jordan

Just 2 days after being selected in the draft Bias met up with some older college teammates to celebrate and when they decided to sniff the coffee tables he never came up and was found dead from an apparent overdose on cocaine. It’s never any good to see someone die but especially someone who just made his life dreams come true. His impact was long lasting as it is 35 years later and we are still talking about him.

ESPN even took his story and made it into one of their, “30 For 30’s” documentaries essentially tying his name to cocaine for the rest of eternity. (Good job ESPN).

In all seriousness substance abuse and addiction is never something to joke about and if you or someone you know is struggling never be afraid to reach out to someone with more knowledge and HELP the ones you love.

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