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On This Day in 2015: Refs’ Picked Up Pass Interference Call Leads to Lions Loss in Playoffs vs Cowboys

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In the 2014 Playoffs, the Detroit Lions traveled to Dallas to face the Cowboys on aiming for their first playoff win since 1991 (ironically against Dallas).

They would lose 24-20 in Dallas, leaving to controversy from days on end afterwards.

The Lions played well, leading the majority of the game into the fourth quarter—and that’s where it led to a pass interference call against then-Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitchens, who was ‘faceguarding’ then-Lions tight end Brandon Pettigrew.

However, the refs would pick up the call which ignited the Lions and other football fanbases into an outrage.

That picked up penalty was added to a list of numerous missed, blown, or controversial calls that have referees have screwed over the Lions this past decade.

Along with this game mentioned, notable games that have those controversial calls include the ‘Calvin Johnson Rule’ game at Chicago, the Monday Night Football debacle/fix at Green Bay and the awful ‘10-second runoff’ ruling against the Atlanta Falcons in 2017.

Detroit has also been screwed this season as just recently with the awful ‘roughing the passer’ penalty and the overturned touchdown catch this past Sunday, both in a meaningless game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Like I said, a lot of things changed, but more stayed the same—and the referee screwings against the Lions is one of those which are the same

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