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Omaha Protests Night 2: To the Old Market #JusticeForJames #protestOMA #SayHisName

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So, Friday I reported on the impending protests which actually started peacefully at 72 and Dodge Street. You can read the article here. A bit of perspective here, 72nd and Dodge is the most central location in Omaha. The Old Market is considered Omaha’s Downtown district right before the Nebraska/Iowa Border. Creighton is located close to there, So is the world famous Henry Doorly Zoo. The Police had locked down the 72nd and Dodge Saturday before anything had popped off, Also the Target there, the windows were boarded up for protection. The University of Nebraska Medical Center is the halfway point between 72nd and Dodge, at 42nd and Dodge, but I’ll save as to why in a minute.

I’m going to credit the lovely people @omaha_scanner for the play by play of events of police. The thread is right below, Be Sure and Expand it because It gets really lengthy.

In the thread, theres a wealth of information, but the most signifi cant event was a SHOOTING, that’s right a SHOOTING!

Now the Next Tweet Has video of a shot that transpired. If you are easily triggered by the recent events, I advise you, for your Mental Health, Click Play at your own risk.

Click Play with Caution please.

Jake Gardner is the business owner that pulled the trigger, here is how he started his Saturday….

Initially, First Responders had trouble finding the proper address, but they had found Him, got him loaded up and On the way to Nebraska Medicine (University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Hospital.) Where He died minutes later.

His name was James Scurlock, He was 22, peacefully protesting. Jake Gardner, Owner of a couple of dogshit, racist dive bars, Claims He shot him because one of his windows was broken, no windows were broken in his establishment, he was looking for a battle. What is even worse, Jake Gardner is already out on Bail. see some tweets below….

You can donate to the gofundme here; and if you see any gofundme’s for Jake Gardner, Report them, they aren’t legal anyway. Last I saw, they took one of them down already.

Mayor Stothert and the Police Chief have some explaining to do, why the fuck was this guy let out! Omaha has always had an element of racial tension in it at all time. Seeing a white, MAGA business owner, shoot a black man unprovoked…… not good, not good.

Also, @adam_devine and @311, two of the most successful Nebraska entertainment acts, have some explaining to do……

I hope both 311 and Adam denounce the relationships they have with this guy. This last tweet sums it up #blacklivesmatter #ProtestOMA #sayhisname #JamesScurlock

UPDATE: Pete Ricketts (NE Gov) Mayor Jean Stotheart (of Omaha) and the Police Chief are giving a press confrence in 10 minutes at the top of the hour. (2pm Central.) Also I updated the article, removing the Jay Allen portion, News outlets in Omaha confirm that Jay Allen isnt an OPD officer, the dude in the picture is in a uniform similar to the Omaha Police Department Uniform. Pictures Below:

Compare the Two Clearly not an OPD Officer.
Actual OPD Officer,

Update 2: 4 PM Central – 311 fans got a response! from the guitarist, Nick Hexum posted this note below:

Now its Adam Devine’s Turn, But keep Checking Back here for Updates on the events that happened over Saturday Night and get #justiceforjames . Also, The Nebraska Left Coalition is Bailing out people that have arrested for peacefully protesting, also providing council. Here is a tweet to the Paypal Below:

Update 3 – 5:30 PM Central Time – Omaha World Herald finally confirms the identity of the shooter

Also the band, 311, @311 on twitter had this response below:

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