Oilers Defeat Blue Jackets – McDavid Earns 96th Point of the Season

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On Saturday, the Blue Jackets took on the Oilers in Edmonton, and if I’m being completely honest, Columbus might as well have stayed at home. This was probably the only game I’ve ever seen where a team was this dominant on offense, and only scored one goal.

Not only did they only score one goal, they only scored one goal with 47 shots on net. Edmonton had 24 shots on net, and had four goals. If you were to tell me that one team would have 47 shots on net and the other had 24, and the final score was 4-1, would I be wrong to think that the team that took 47 shots won and absolutely dominated??

For most of the game, the Oilers only had a 1-0 lead. The second goal of the game wasn’t scored until there was 4:31 left in the game. In that time period, Jackets, Emil Bemstrom had a wide open shot attempt no further than 10 feet away from the net. Point blank, wide open shot. I bet you’re telling yourself, “Hey, this is where they got their goal for the game”. NOPE!!!!!

Bemstrom had the goalie flat on his back. Net wide open. A 4 year old that doesn’t even know how to lift a puck yet would have made this shot!! Bemstrom shot it wide left, off of the chest of Leon Draisaitl. This happened with 9:10 left in the game, and could have completley changed everything.

I’m not going to get too mad at Bemstrom since he’s had some big moments in the clutch the passed couple of games, but the Jackets need wins right now. Earlier in the day, the Islanders got a point in an overtime loss, and tied the Jackets in the playoff standings, dropping them down to the second wild card spot. This loss hurt the Jackets tonight.

In some positive news, one of my favorite players, Connor McDavid, would get his 33rd goal of the season, making it his 96th point on the year. With 14 games left, it’s safe to say McDavid will most likely get his 100 point season.

The Jackets are playing a back to back, and will be playing the Canucks in Vancouver on Sunday night. The Oilers will be back on home ice on Monday against the Golden Knights.

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