Obi Toppin Will Officially Wear Number 1 For The Knicks Let The Amare Stoudemire Comparisons Begin

Obi Toppin will officially wear No. 1 for the Knicks and now we can really start comparing him to Amare Stoudemire.

I like that comparison between Obi and Amare. Their games do have a lot of similarities. Both are super explosive at the rim and great in the pick in role. If you were to tell me Obi is going to somewhat resemble a young STAT sign me up, such a dominant offensive player and I really do think Obi can be that.

I am really excited about Obi and the future of the Knicks. Seeing what the FO office and the player development coaches can do with Obi is going to be very interesting to see what he can become! Hopefully a big trade is coming for the Knicks and they can get rid of Julius Randle.

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