Oakland A’s star Matt Chapman Says We’re Used To No Fans At Games…Yikes

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Oakland A’s star Matt Chapman took take a dig on his own organization’s fans when he said, ‘I think it’s going to play to our advantage… our games are pretty quiet in general.’ In response to a question how it is going to feel playing in front of no fans in the 2020 MLB season, and while this is funny and all it is the truth. Oakland A’s average attendance last season was 20,521 according to The A’s finished 97-65 only behind the Houston Astros and got a wildcard game for the second year in a row so when put that into perspective a playoff team of their caliber should be bringing in way more fans, now you have to take into consideration that Oakland isn’t the nicest city in America, or the safest for that matter BUT they have a successful baseball team! Now I am not saying that Oakland should ride for the A’s like they ride for the Warriors because basketball is more popular and I get that but for the love of God, SUPPORT YOUR PLAYOFF TEAM. 

I know the jokes will come out because people dub the Oakland A’s as a ‘poverty’ franchise and that very well could be the case but this is a pretty good ball club with a lot of talented young pieces and they should know that the Astros can’t keep all of their stars in the coming years so they could have a fighting chance who knows? Anyways I love that Matt can at least have fun in these crazy times! Good luck to the Oakland A’s they are a fun young team!

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