O Captain My Captain

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If you haven’t read our Captain’s blog here, read it here for the full context. Just like the men in Dead Poets Society stand on their desks as a declaration of loyalty, thanks, and endearment to Robin Williams this my blog will serve to PSE.

This goes out to you El Capitan

Business has its up and downs, that’s for sure. Riding that rollercoaster when it’s something you build with your own hands and run for nearly eight years now? That’s something I can’t imagine, because I haven’t been there. What I am there for is along for the ride, and as any good passenger does or rather first mate to keep alignment with the maritime theme, is to assist the captain and crew on their voyage.

I’m dedicated to this cause and the people carrying it out. I love PSE and want to see it grow and break through every ceiling it possibly can to reach the levels I know it can reach. Of course wishing for that is nice, it’s the work getting it there that matters in the end. That’s something I realize and will work towards for myself, and I’m sure the others will as well. I have many ideas to workshop and hopefully implement for PSE, and with El Capitan’s help I have confidence it’ll happen.

El Capitan, thank you for everything you’ve done thus far. What you’ve done for PSE and the people that make it up doesn’t go unnoticed and I’m dedicated to paying that kindness back one way or another. Don’t lose faith! You got people behind you, here to support you! When that twenty-first rolls around, let loose and go wild. I’ll crack a cold one in spirit, maybe one in person someday. I know you’ll do the same when my twenty-first rolls around in July. This is yer boy Jacob, signing off.

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