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NXT Wins Ratings War but AEW is Still Dominating Demographics

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It looks as if NXT is beginning to gain some momentum when it comes to viewership numbers,, but AEW Dynamite continues to dominate in the area attracting advertisers- that 18-49 demographic. However, should AEW be concerned over its recent loss in the ratings wars after clobbering NXT every week in both total viewers and the key demographics?

First, let’s take a look at the ratings for the July 8, 2020 editions of NXT and Dynamite. Both shows were specials with NXT running its Great American Bash Night Two and Dynamite running Fyter Fest Night Two.y PWSpyware PWInsider is reporting:

The 7/8 edition of AEW did 715,000 overnight viewers, down from last week’s 748,000 overnight viewers.  

The 7/8 edition of NXT did 759,000 overnight viewers, down from last week’s 792,000 overnight viewers. 

However, Dynamite scored a 0.28 rating in the 18-49 demographic compared to NXT‘s 0.20 rating. As a result, Dynamite came in at number 7 in the ratings compared to NXT placing at 24. AEW President Tony Khan isn’t publicly showing any concern over AEW losing to NXT three weeks in a row, tweeting:

According to “Dinosaur” Dave Meltzer, the USA Network ran limited commercials on this week’s show because it wanted to score a ratings win. Meltzer discussed this on Wrestling Observer Radio (transcribed by Ringside News)

This was a lot less commercials than the last week even. I mean it was very clear that this show from the NXT side was all about winning and not about making money you know as far as — I shouldn’t say NXT. It’s USA Network that makes that call. So USA Network really wanted a win.”

Khan later tweeted a chart breaking things down:

It’s clear that the USA Network would like to see NXT win the ratings war after weeks and weeks of getting pasted by AEW. The WWE has been hot-shotting its shows, putting on some big matches including the July 8 main event between North American Champion Keith Lee and NXT Champion Adam Cole. However, can it keep this up every week? At the same time, will AEW be happy winning the key demographics every week or will they make an attempt to boost the viewer numbers?

Although AEW has every reason to be happy with beating NXT in the key demographics, its management is hopefully looking at why it has lost some of its audience to NXT. Does the promotion need to feature other stars? Does it need to include more matches? Ratings do go up and down for both promotions and with news programming covering the coronapocalypse sucking in viewers, it’s unlikely we’ll see the audience numbers AEW enjoyed early on (bringing in over 1,000,000 viewers a few times).

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