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Now that Josh Gordon is a New England Patriot, what’s next?

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Tom Brady just got the best weapon he’s had at wide receiver since Randy Moss was traded out of New England. That is no way an understatement. The one issue with the new acquisition of Josh Gordon, is that you don’t know if he’s going to be able to be on the field or not.

The Cleveland Browns have dealt with Josh Gordon and his suspensions gracefully. With nothing to lose they patiently waited or the star-studded receiver to get his life straightened. Even as early as this preseason they let him skip training camp and preseason throughout so he could keep himself on a steady path.

Cleveland Browns drafted Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft 2nd overall, forfeiting a second round pick in the next draft. After a decent rookie season Josh Gordon failed a drug test on the off-season that caused him to be suspended the first four games of the next year.

He came back with a splash helping the Cleveland Browns beat the Minnesota Vikings in an upset victory.

After a 2013 that saw Gordon lead the NFL in yards receiving, the dynamic wideout would battle drug and alcohol abuse until this past off-season. Josh Gordon is supposedly now clean but also a member of the New England Patriots.

To be able to gauge the possible impact the Josh Gordon can have as a Patroot you could look at previous deep threats they have employed.

Guys like Randy Moss, and Brandin Cooks and made a living as deep threats but Tom Brady. Randy Moss said numerous records is in New England Patriots deep threat.

Josh Gordon might not be as fast is either one of those receivers are, but he is fast and he has excellent size at 6 foot 3, 225 lb.

He will give Tom Brady a huge deep threat to go with Rob Gronkowski. If anybody got of the Patriots return trip to a Superbowl….. I’m pretty sure they have been silenced now.

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