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Northern Michigan University Allows ‘Alleged’ Rapist on Campus

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There’s something fishy going on at the Northern Michigan University (NMU) campus lately, and it is potentially very dangerous.

It is strongly believed that NMU has allowed Austin Wieland, an alleged rapist to be on campus after he sexually assaulted Athena Hendrick, a student at the University of Vermont in February 2020.

In a couple separate posts from Athena on Instagram, she has put out her timeline of what happened with her and Weiland, and how she reached out to campus police and Title IX at UVM for help. Then she posted an update that Weiland is at NMU right now as he is ‘no longer on the east coast’ after being issued an indefinite no-contact order.

As a school who prides itself as being one of the top 20 safest campuses in all of United States, and named as the second-safest in the state of Michigan, this is a terrible and hypocritical look.

And fellow Instagram users, NMU students are currently blasting them in their recent replies for it.

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So for NMU students who are either currently living on at campus or going to classes right now, we ask you to keep a sharp eye on your surroundings wherever you’re at or going to. There’s a known predator named Austin who is enrolled there, please never go by him.

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