Northeastern Wisconsin High School Cancels Their Homecoming Game

Everyone is learning about the power of social media today at a small high school in America’s Dairyland.

The Clintonville (WI) School District is apologizing after a video of four boys dancing to a Native American POW-WOW during a school assembly was posted onto social media.

The dance was supposed to have been approved by faculty and administration. That wasn’t the case, as the dance was put on without the approval of anyone. The four boys danced around in a circle to the beat of a drum, like a Native American Pow-Wow. Here is a video to the dance by the four gentlemen:


The School District released a statement as a result to the events shown:

“The Clintonville Public School District is aware of and apologizes for a very unfortunate event that occurred on October 3rd, at Clintonville High School. During a lunchtime homecoming dance off, Non-American Indian students wrongfully created a disrespectful mockery of American Indian culture by imitating and misrepresenting an American Indian dance. The specific dance was not school approved nor sanctioned by the school or any District employee.”

The Oneida Nation also released a statement on the event:

“We are insulted and disappointed that the Clintonville School District, staff and students and the community have depicted Native Americans in this disrespectful display of a pep rally,” the Oneida Nation said in a statement. “To have these symbols and depictions of this cultural history used in inappropriate ways and without an understanding of the cultural significance and history behind them is a practice that must stop.”

Clintonville High has cancelled all homecoming events as a result, including Friday’s Homecoming Football Game against Fox Valley Lutheran. The Truckers (yes, that’s their school nickname) will receive a forfeit. The homecoming dance is postponed due to the fact of student safety and as a consequence to choices that were made by these students.

Clintonville, Wisconsin is located about an hour west of Green Bay.

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