Nobody Does Penetration In The Backfield Like Kendra Lust; She Could Teach Dan Campbell’s Detroit Lions A Thing Or Two @kendralust

This past week was by far the worst week of the 2021 NFL season the Detroit Lions. They had an inexcusable loss to division rival, the Chicago Bears. The Lions (0-4) are one of two winless teams left in the NFL along with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Lions are close to the worst start since the 0-5 beginning to their 2015 season.

What could Detroit use more of to help improve their chances of winning?

More penetration in the backfield.

And nobody does penetration in the backfield like Kendra Lust.

This is the part where we stop talking about the Lions specifically, and focus more on the hottest Detroit Lions fan on the planet.

If I were Dan Campbell, I would bring Kendra Lust in before every single game and give a pep talk to one of the worst defenses in the NFL. I mean seriously, how can a bunch of red blooded American males not be motivated by a gorgeous woman wearing their team jersey that looks something like this:

Dan Campbell, this is your wake up call. Find a way to improve that defense! That’s the reason you’re losing all of these games! Take it from Kendra, getting penetration in the backfield is a good thing.

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