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No, the Lions Aren’t Going to Bring Back Jim Caldwell!

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The whole Detroit Lions fanbase (and former players) are celebrating the firing of head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn, and now they are listing who they want for their new leadership moving forward.

One of the hot names that many pundits and talking heads want is for the Lions to bring back Jim Caldwell as their head coach.

If you want my answer, then here it is: No.

I am strongly against bringing back because this team is now supposedly going into a full rebuild, and if you want a coach that they can build and learn on for long-term success, Caldwell is NOT it.

I get that players and fans loved him and he treated us the same way, but on the field, he did okay. But during his time as coach, okay and 9-7 was never good enough.

Plus he could never lead his team to wins over good, contending teams and it seemed like their only goal was to only make the playoffs and that’s it. It was the right call to fire him in the first place.

If I was the Lions, I’d go after a strong talent evaluator as both GM and coach and someone who knows football and is aggressive to get crucial deals done and keep his better guys on the team. Also I want someone who can instill a WINNING mindset to the them.

Here’s my wish for who I want as GM:

And for coaching, I want someone who can embrace a rebuild but can at least keep them competitive and have a smooth transition to a new QB and move on from Stafford.

My coaching wish is Tennessee’s Arthur Smith and Buffalo’s Brian Daboll.

Smith, like rival head coach and Titans former OC Matt LaFluer, has took his offense to the next level and is proven to be a clutch adjuster against certain teams. As for Daboll, him and Bills quarterback Josh Allen have developed to a great offensive tandem, and I certainly he is a great candidate for a head coach who can lead us in a rebuild and develop us to a contender in a few years.

Do the right thing Lions, do this full rebuild right, if not, we will be right back to the SOL/Millen and 70s era Lions. And trust me, this city and state NEEDS a championship. Do it now and get it done.

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