No.. Nobody Likes Frog Lady More Than Baby Yoda…

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This is the real fake news media. NY Post is back at it with a clickbaity headline that gets people (like me) talking and debating about one of their articles. Hey, I guess it works.

But this take, is one that I absolutely cannot stand behind.

Are you kidding me??!! NO ONE likes Frog Lady more than Baby Yoda. This lady has sus vibes written all over her. How did she know how to hack into the battle droid to translate? How does she have AIMBOT? There has to be a reason Baby Yoda wants to eat her eggs so badly. He’s trying to PROTECT the galaxy from this Frog species.

Frog Lady is definitely up to something no good. Sith Lord perhaps? I’d say so.

This season of the Mandalorian has been nothing but amazing. Chapter 12 drops on Friday.

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