Nikola Jokic Gets Ejected On The Softest Call With The Season On The Line

The Nuggets season was on the line last night against the Suns. The Nuggets were down eight in the third and then all of a sudden Jokic gets hit with a double technical and gets ejected. The MVP was thrown out of a elimination game for just swiping at Cameron Payne. It was a frustration foul, maybe deserves a tech but definitely not a double technical foul. That is ridiculous, the NBA has to fix this shit. Many players have been ejected for basically nothing and it makes the game terrible.

Especially in a playoff elimination game when the guy getting ejected is the league MVP. The Suns went on to win and ended the Nuggets season. The Suns would have probably won this game either way and would have definitely won the series either way but still if you’re the NBA, this cannot happen. Ja Morant nailed it on the head about the call.

Not a good look for the league.


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