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Nickmercs Interview With Pardon My Take 3 Takeaways | @NICKMERCS @PardonMyTake

After being announced as the guest on PMT during the halftime of the Tennesse Miami National Championship game, we are blessed with an episode of the century. What an entertaining episode to kick off the Friday. In typical Nickmercs fashion, the interview was laid back and high energy at the same time. Don’t think there’s a lot of people winning at life than all parties involved (PMT, Nickmercs). A lot was discussed so I will try to wrap it up for you with my 3 takeaways during the interview.

Nickmercs is Down to Earth– If you don’t already watch his stream or only dabble to tune in every now and again, you’ll quickly pick up that Nickmercs is an extremely down to earth and genuine guy. He epitomizes what a lot of us are like. He likes to watch college football, sleep all day when the opportunity arises, and plays video games all night when given the chance to do so. He is as disconnected with the internet lingos as the rest of us are when he says “I’m like an old dad” when it comes to his Twitch chat. This came from a question Big Cat had when he had initially thought that he was Twitch savvy. He knows better than some, sure. It comes with the territory of being a Twitch superstar.

Nickmercs Normalizes Being a Gamer– While the lines are being blurred on whether or not you’re a nerd if you play video games on a day to day basis and turn it into your whole life, Nickmercs certainly does not care for it. He easily comes off very confident and doesn’t feel the need to tell you that it’s not nerdy. I think there is a large amount of people in the world who likes to play a lot of video games and be ready to put it down when the games on. It’s getting easier these days to tell the boys (and girls) that you stayed up til 4 in the morning playing Call of Duty or whatever the case may be. You no longer have that stereotypical image put in your head that you don’t shower or have neckbeards. To that, many of us can thank people like Nickmercs.

Pardon My Take Has a Special Talent of Making Guests Comfortable- If you aren’t part of the AWL and only get to hear clips of interviews, this may come as a surprise to you. Big Cat and PFT have an incredible ability to make the guests feel right at home. In their hundreds of episodes, they’ve had a lot of people whom have never done podcasts before. Nickmercs is certainly new to the podcasting game but being that he entertains an audience for a living, this all came natural to him. This is also in large part that Big Cat and PFT are so easy to talk to. They ask great questions that allowed Nickmercs to easily answer them and for a lengthy amount of time. The interview felt more like a genuine conversation than a back and forth interview.

Nickmercs was given the title as a recurring guest and is now invited whenever he wants to jump on the podcast. Being that the chemistry between interviewer and interviewee was so natural, we can certainly expect this collaboration to happen again in the future. With the PMT Twitch growing wildly popular because of the adventures of Coach Duggs, they just gained an incredible connection and most importantly, friend, in the Twitch community. You can listen to the full podcast on all streaming platforms as well as watch the interview below.

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