Nick Wright is a Clown… Kyrie Irving isn’t getting traded or retiring

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In the whole sports media thing, I like to be a pretty fairweather guy. Yeah, I have my opinions, but honestly, I understand that I’m an overall stupid person. There are very few points I make that someone with any sort of intelligence couldn’t talk me out of in about two seconds, but I’m digging in on this one.

THERE IS NO CHANCE THE NETS TRADE KYRIE. They’re not considering it, Kyrie’s not worried about it, it’s not happening. I know Nick’s not saying that the Nets are trying to trade Kyrie, but c’mon, he’s implying it here. There’s literally a greater chance of me not showing up for Yom Kippur services tomorrow than there are the Nets pulling the trigger on Kyrie tomorrow, and I guarantee you my ass will be in Temple Sholom at 9 AM tomorrow.

But just because the media has this unwarranted, seething hatred for Kyrie, the sheer love that player around the league, especially Nets, goes completely unnoticed. I went to a solid amount of Nets games this year, and when the guy went to the bench he was basically sucked off by the entire roster. They adore him. And how can you not? He’s a complete cutie, and is just such a hugable, sweet boy. So yeah, that guys not getting traded.

At least Kyrie went back at Nick this time, he usually just takes his press beatings in silence. He should go after the guy though. Like why start Kyrie retirement rumors? Just because you hate the guy doesn’t mean you have to manifest him retiring for the rest of us. I know I commented on Kyrie’s cuteness earlier, but I’d actually like to cirlce back to that one more time and mention that I would spend the rest of eternity inside his afro. So, if that afro retires, I’m gonna need at least a 5 year hiatus from the NBA.

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